Dog Hoodie in Pink AVOCADOG!

Pink dog sweatshirt with an avocado motif! AVOCADOG! from STEPBYPET.PL.
Unique, soft material.

Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL *

*Sizes dedicated to small and medium dog breeds.

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Pink AVOCADOG dog sweatshirt!

Does your dog get cold during walks on cold days? After returning home, he shakes and immediately burrows into his bed? Change it with the pink AVOCADOG dog sweatshirt!

Give your dog some warmth and buy him a pink AVOCADOG hoodie that is pleasant to the touch and protects against the cold!

Why to dress your dog?

The issue of whether to dress a dog has long been controversial. Yes, our favorites are descendants of wolves that could survive without additional clothing. However, it turns out that various breeds of modern dogs are not adapted to low temperatures!

What's more, there are also situations in which clothing for a dog is simply necessary.

Here are some of them:

● Some dog breeds do not have an undercoat that protects them from the cold, so they need additional care. The situation is similar with breeds such as Yorkies, which do not have fur, only hair, or with hairless dogs, such as the Chinese Crested Dog.
In all these cases, dog clothes are simply a necessity.

● After visiting the hairdresser, dogs often feel discomfort due to the temperature - they perceive it differently than before the haircut. This happens especially during the fall and winter months. Pink AVOCADOG dog sweatshirt! will do the trick!

● Older or sick dogs need more warmth, so clothing that is pleasant to the touch is not a whim, but an expression of the utmost care for your pet.

● The same applies to puppies, whose immune system is just "learning" to function properly.

Every dog is different - there are also some that are exceptionally cold. By dressing your dog, you will spare him the unpleasantness of low temperatures. If your dog is shaking from the cold after returning from a walk, you now know what to do!

All long-haired breeds should wear clothing in winter to prevent snowballs from accumulating on their fur.
Pink AVOCADOG dog hoodie! – from STEPBYPET.PL
The pink sweatshirt dog clothes are made of soft polyester fabric. The sweatshirt is slightly insulated and has a pleasant-to-touch fluff inside. There are cuffs sewn into the paws and belly, thanks to which the clothes stay in place. The pink plush dog sweatshirt is very comfortable, it has no fasteners and is worn over the head.

This pink dog outfit has an avocado motif visible from a distance - the dog's pride and prestige will be just as visible :)

The product quality of the dog sweatshirt with name impresses with its attention to workmanship, finishing and excellent fabric. You will envy your dog this outfit!

Washing methods: Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, do not tumble dry.
Composition: 100% Polyester

● Heat;

● Nice to the touch;

● Designer pattern;


Size chart: (+/- 2 cm)

XS (neck: 21 cm, chest: 31 cm, length: 21 cm)
S (neck: 25 cm, chest: 36 cm, length: 26 cm)
M (neck: 29 cm, chest: 41 cm, length: 31 cm)
L (neck: 33 cm, chest: 46 cm, length: 36 cm)
XL (neck: 37 cm, chest: 51 cm, length: 41 cm)

AVOCADOG dog hoodie!

*Sweatshirts come in several sizes, please check the size chart and measure your pet before purchasing!

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